Diamond hole intersects 54m of nickel-copper sulphides from 118m

Assays pending and planning for down-hole EM already underway


  • Diamond drilling of the 2 x MLEM Plates in Block 2 at Mons has intersected a 54m mineralised zone of massive, semi massive and disseminated sulphide mineralisation containing pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and pyrite from 118m

  • Massive sulphide intersections coincide with the modelled MLEM plate locations

  • Downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) and fixed loop electromagnetic (FLEM) surveys to commence within a fortnight

  • Diamond drilling has started Block 3, ~10km south of Block 2, to test similar modelled conductive plates

    NIMY Resources Executive Director Luke Hampson said:

The intersection of 54m of substantial sulphide mineralisation is clearly a game-changer for Nimy. Importantly, the result is entirely consistent with the conductor plates we have modelled using geophysics. In light of this result, we are moving quickly to do DHEM and FLEM surveys to gain further understanding of the size of the intrusive and to locate related anomalies around and below the discovered sulphide zone.”
Figure 3 – Chalcopyrite within massive pyrrhotite
Figure 4 – Massive sulphides pyrrhotite >> pyrite >> chalcopyrite
Figure 5 – Massive pyrrhotite


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