The MONS Project

The MONS Project is situated at the northern end of the Forrestania nickel belt, which hosts a World-Class nickel endowment at the southern end with numerous other high-grade nickel deposits extending to the north.

Map of the NIMY Mons Nickel Project

District Scale

  • 100% owned large tenement holding of ~3004 sqkm covering the majority of the currently identified mineralised systems
  • 140 Kms NNW of the mining centre of Southern Cross
  • Yilgarn Craton setting on boundary of Younami and Southern Cross Terrain
  • Project held for 6 Years privately by Nimy
  • Previous explorers focused on gold and other minerals due to depressed Nickel demand.
  • Geological setting forms a Mafic/Ultramafic rock sequence with typical Kambalda style Nickel-Sulphide formations identified.
  • Multiple large scale cross cutting structures form potential traps for nickel sulphide formations.
NIMY Resources Mons Nickel Project Map
Dease Gossan Plates

Region Unlocked

Region unlocked through systematic exploration. Programs completed to date:

  • Surface exploration geochemistry
  • Surface geological mapping
  • Detailed aerial magnetics
  • Shallow drilling for geology and geochemistry
  • Deeper targeted R/C drilling for mineralisation identification
  • Detailed ground magnetics
  • Fixed loop EM for conductive trends

The big picture

  • 100% owned large tenement holding.
  • Pipeline of over 30 targets over 6 target areas.
  • Systematic approach to the exploration with the aim of defining economic Nickel-Sulphide resources.
  • Initial exploration focus on Nickel-Sulphide Mineralisation in Zone A using industry standard methods.
  • Expanding early stage exploration across the tenement package extending knowledge base and reefing the exploration modelling.
  • Potential for multicommodity discoveries.
NIMY Underlying Geology

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