Dease Gossan Prospect (4m composite samples)

Assays up to 0.73% nickel point to high-grade feeder source

Down-hole EM to start as part of strategy to locate nickel sulphide traps


  • Latest assays show the Dease Gossan, and the East Prospect at Mons are priority nickel sulphide exploration targets
  • Drilling has returned multiple intersections of nickel, copper, cobalt, and PGEs grading up to 0.73% nickel, 0.17% copper, 0.11% cobalt, 378ppb (0.37g/t) PGEs (platinum and palladium)
  • Intervals in the western three holes of the Dease Gossan Prospect indicate a pattern of anomalous nickel, sulphur, copper, cobalt, and PGE enrichment which strengthens as it dips to the west
  • Copper, cobalt, and PGEs are considered important pathfinders in exploration for nickel sulphide deposits and therefore further enhance the prospectivity of Dease and East
  • Down-hole EM will now be undertaken in holes which returned high sulphur, nickel, copper and PGE associations below the outcropping nickel gossan.



Figure 1 (ABOVE) – Dease Gossan Prospect (4m composite samples) – Nickel enriched top of profile with copper and sulphur increasing downhole (NRRC055, NRRC056) DHEM priority planned for NRRC055 and NRRC056 (high nickel, copper, sulphur and PGE’s)


Figure 2 – Dease Gossan Prospect (4m composite samples) – significant intersections (Co*Cu*Ni) greater than (order of magnitude) 4 x background*. *Background cobalt 73.5ppm, copper 99.25ppm, nickel 927.15ppm


Figure 3 – Dease Gossan Prospect drill hole position, gossan outcropping, MLEM anomalies (P1, P2, P3) and NiS (massive target zones) over (A) colour regional magnetics (B) VOXI depth slice at 250m depth


Nimy Resources Executive Director Luke Hampson said:

These results along with the recent EM plate anomalies provide strong evidence of a high-grade nickel sulphide deposit at Mons.“We are highly encouraged by the nickel, cobalt, copper and PGE grades. Drilling across the Dease Gossan suggests we are closing in on higher-grade nickel sulphide mineralisation as we move west, further highlighting the potential of this prospect. “We are looking forward to conducting the down-hole EM, which is aimed at helping us identify the higher-grade feed source of the nickel”.


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