Plates 1 and 2 position relative to the VTEM

Survey identifies high conductance plates consistent with massive sulphide mineralisation

Drilling this target is a priority, with applications underway


  • MLEM survey has identified and modelled two high conductance electromagnetic plates. Three more similar anomalies are currently being assessed
  • The conductivity is consistent with it being a nickel massive sulphide target
  • Modelling was completed by Resource Potentials resulting in two high priority targets
  • Resources Potentials has designed parameters for a proposed drillhole which intersects both identified plates. The conductive response is at 100x (Plate-01 at 8000S) and 38x (Plate-02 at 3000S) an order of magnitude increase on any conductive response previously returned from MLEM surveys at the Mons Project
  • Plate-01 begins 60m from the surface (RL 390m), with dimensions of 20m x 100m and a conductive response at 8000S. Plate02 sits deeper (RL 353), is larger at 50m x 150m and has a conductance response of 3000S.
  • POW is being compiled for submission for approval.



Figure 1 (ABOVE) – Plates 1 and 2 position relative to the VTEM (flight path – black lines) and follow up MLEM (survey lines – white lines) over colour magnetic image.

Figure 2 – X – section of planned drill hole designed to intersect both plate 1 and plate 2, nominally NRRC092 (to be confirmed)


Nimy Resources Executive Director Luke Hampson said:

These results provide the most compelling evidence yet of nickel massive sulphides and a potential high-grade nickel sulphide deposit at Mons”. “We are highly encouraged by the positioning, size, and conductivity of the plates following extensive work across a large electromagnetic survey data set”.
“We have prioritised this target for drilling”.


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